Basic Tax Control,

is a system in which a certain amount of money is given from the tax budget to each person of a certain age. Then, each person needs to invest the received money into various projects — created by people, companies, or government — aiming toward a sustainable, global civilization for the public good.

Key features of the schema:

  • Tackles the problem of technological unemployment
  • Can exercise direct democracy through day-to-day actions
  • Can accelerate implementation of Universal Basic Income
  • Can solve problems and issues connected with unfair wealth distribution
  • Can be an outline for a new economic and political system
  • Can be harnessed to help with climate change issues
  • Will be a collaborative social network
  • Will be transparent and open
  • Will have a balanced network structure (in opposition to pyramidal systems)
  • Allows people to directly support programs they believe in, rather than asking the government, who may or may not listen

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