What is Basic Tax Control (BTC)?

Basic Tax Control (BTC) is the schema in which a certain amount of money is given from the tax budget to each person of a certain age. Then, each person needs to invest the received money into the projects created by people, companies, or government — aiming toward sustainable global civilization for the general public good.
In return for these investments, a portion of the project’s profits are given back to the Unconditional Basic Income or Basic Tax Control funds, either as a percent of the profit or as a share in company’s ownership or in the case of one-off projects are given to public ownership in their entirety.

  • Basic - stands for a small amount of money that is given back from taxes at the beginning. But, also it means a basic form of control of those taxes by the people who receive them.

  • Tax - each person will get small amount of money from the taxes collected, and each person will have the ability to decide where he/she wants to spend that money on projects that are of public and social interest.

  • Control - each person is controlling his/her own dedicated tax money, and the nature of control is basic, as the amount of money is very small; in the first phase, it will not largely impact the current tax budget.

A person cannot use the funds for personal gains but can decide on her/his own how and where to “invest” those funds.
This is a paradigm change; although it looks small, it can have a massive positive impact on the economy and on the welfare of the overall population.