Why Basic Tax Control?

Basic Tax Control is cheap and easy to implement. The amount of money necessary to implement Basic Tax Control is significantly smaller than the amount of money needed for full Unconditional Basic Income.
Although Basic Tax Control is not private and unconditional like the Basic Income, Basic Tax Control's purpose is easier implementation of Basic Income and full democracy.

Basic Tax Control can be implemented gradually, and every country can set its own amount of money controlled by the public. It can be adjusted per GDP or per amount of taxes that are collected. Basic tax control can be a much easier step forward, especially for those countries that do not have enough money for basic income.

Basic Tax Control can build entrepreneurship, collaboration, a sense of being a part of the community and belonging to the community. Basic Tax Control counters the sense that your government is some ruling entity somewhere above you and that it must do something for you or that you have to do something for your government.
Instead, Basic Tax Control gives the sense of being a part of that government, being a part of that society, being part of change — instead of dreams, wishes, and hopes — the role is shifted, and everyone has the ability to decide, create, or take action in creating a future society.

As Basic Tax Control is transparent for the public and for the companies involved, it builds a sense of trust and decreases the chances of fraudulent activities and manipulations.

Basic Tax Control will be an online platform, which increases efficiency and our ability to communicate, regardless of distance. The prices of smart phones and computers are constantly dropping; there is no reason why anyone should not have access to Basic Tax Control through an online platform.