Why Tax Money?

Shouldn’t we move from taxes in future society?

There is an argument that taxes, as they are mandatory and not voluntary, are a tool of oppressive governments. In this view, taxes should be abolished.
Why is that a wrong assumption?

There are two parts of our lives: one is personal, and the other is social. In the same way as we have personal needs defined by Maslow's hierarchy, we have our societal needs. We collect taxes, in order to satisfy those needs. Roads, electricity, gas, communication, law, justice, healthcare (in many countries), and many other things are there because of tax collection. Tax collection is helping us to move our society forward, build infrastructure, and increase overall wealth.

A voluntary approach to taxes would raise many other issues, like protection of community property from the members who wished to be excluded. Here’s a question: if people who choose not to pay taxes are invaded by another country, does the military come to their defence? In order to simplify things, at some point, we decided that we all must pay a share, and I agree with this. Taxes are important, but, also, it is important what we do with them — are we using them for good or bad things — and that is something that should be everyone’s moral decision, not just the burden of our governments.

Moral question of tax control

The moral dilemma is whether you, as a taxpayer, are responsible for the evil deeds your government committed in your name?

As a good, law-abiding citizen, you pay your taxes each month, and your vote was cast for the elected government. If your government uses those taxes for evil means, like guns and bombs, you are partly responsible for their actions, and, in case some innocent soul dies from those arms, you are directly responsible for that death.

Using the Basic Tax Control platform should tackle that problem. You would use Basic Tax Control like you would otherwise use any online shop: you would log in securely, and, instead of letting someone else decide how your tax dollars are going to be spent, you could do it on your own.

For the portion of money you do not control, you could make recommendations to your government on how you wish they would spend your money. This could be created like a “wish list” from Amazon: sometimes your friends will grant those wishes, and sometime they won’t; at least the government will know where your heart was.

You will have the ability to dedicate your tax dollars to whatever you think is the best thing for your society. If this already works for all the banks and businesses, there is no reason it would not work for taxes, as well.

Using the Basic Tax Control to manage small amounts of money and express their opinions about different country/area functions is a great way to help the government understand how their people really think and feel.

We would invest our tax dollars into education, green energy, infrastructure, space exploration, science, and healthcare. On the other hand, I would never invest in offensive military actions, because I personally feel that we have already reached a stage in destructive power where we could wipe ourselves from the planet in matter of minutes, and, instead of finding money for wars and destruction, we should find money for sustainable coexistence. Maybe someone else does not feel the same way, and I do not have anything against other people’s choices; whatever you decide, it will be on your conscience.

What about you, where would you invest your tax dollars?